About BTS

About BTS Cyber Security

Who are you guys and gals?

About BTSWe are the original geeks and freaks that people laughed at back in high school. In other words, we were geeks before the word ‘geek’ became popular.

Our crews have a passion for all things related to technology, and we get that passion working for you.

In fact, we probably helped to develop many of the devices that you use today, or at least some aspect of them, many years ago.

Across the entire BTS family of companies our people have worked in just about every industry on the planet. From developing new Aerospace technology to inventing novel ways to feed more people, we pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of new technology.

What do you do at BTS Cyber Security?

Simply put, we do everything we can to stop the bad guys from getting in your technology. We think up new ways to hack things so we can anticipate what the bad guys are doing. We deploy a variety of traditional and sometimes nontraditional means to do stop them. We will even develop new technology if we need it. We stop at nothing to accomplish this goal.

That is the power of a having a company like Beck Tech Support on your side. We draw from an eminence pool human resources and experience that spans over a wide range of technology backgrounds and industries.

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BTS Cyber Security Puts A Face On Future Technology

Sounds good, but what makes you better?

We actually care about our clients and their network security needs. We also understand emerging threats and how serious they are. These new threats will require novel approaches to address.

Our people think outside the box and they are not constrained by the traditional corporate mentality. This allows them to respond faster and with more accuracy.

BTS Cyber Security can provide novel approaches on a global scale. We have owners and team members in just about every city and state and also in other countries. Our company takes network security consulting to the next level by having a wide range of experience under one BTS umbrella.

When people think About BTS they think of technology. When they think of technology they think About BTS.

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