Computer security consulting

Computer Security Consulting Is Vital To Your Business

computer security consulting

There may have been a time not long ago when computer security consulting was primarily needed by only the largest companies but not anymore. Today, businesses of every size have a significant online presence and typically allow employees to work remotely and with their smart phones. All these factors and more highlight the need for a vigilant information technology security system.

The Risks
All computers are at risk for hacking, unauthorized use, and infection with viruses or malware. The truth is that Organized Criminal Hacking Groups are determined to compromise the security of your network, devices, and computers. To deter them, put as many safeguards in place as practical to ensure you are not an easy target. At BTS Cyber Security we deploy a variety of security layers  to deter unauthorized access.

Assessing the Computers
An initial step every business person should take is to analyze what is already in place. Sometimes the most obvious safeguards have been overlooked. For instance:

• Be certain default passwords for hardware and software have been changed from factory settings.

• Regularly update your computers’ operating systems.

• Set automatic updates.

Computer Network Monitoring Service

Most important, consider a computer network monitoring service. A good  IT security consulting firm can recommend the best setup for your particular needs. Automated machine monitoring can instantly (or on schedule) do many of your security related tasks. Things like updating, software patching, and routine clean up or virus scans can automatically be done using advanced remote monitoring and management tools. Intelligent agents and monitoring sensors can instantly respond to threats.

Assessing the Flow of Information
IT security consulting is a two way street. Yes, you need to establish firewalls and other safety protocols to prevent external threats, but it is just as important and necessary to evaluate how information is downloaded by employees and other authorized users. Disgruntled or dishonest employees are often far more likely to pose a significant threat to a company than an outsider.

Steps You Can Take
The best course to take is to be proactive; don’t wait until there’s a problem. It’s far easier to determine how to protect your business than trying to react and clean up the mess after a security breach. Consider these steps:

• Limit employee access and permissions to only those that are necessary for conducting specific jobs.

• Be certain each employee uses a unique password and strong password. Also make sure that they are aware they are responsible for any activity taken when their password is used for access.

• Conduct regular audits of all the information employees keep on their computers.

Be vigilant. While it may seem like a daunting task to stay abreast of all the information that flows through your business, the alternative is far less attractive. Having the right computer security consulting firm is a must for any size business, and you may find it advantageous to hire an IT security consultant to assess your business’ risk profile.

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