Hacked LinkedIn User IDs

hacked LinkedIn IDs

Hacked LinkedIn User IDs

Falling victim to cyber crime is preventable in many cases by simply using a strong password. Nevertheless, there are times when your password and personal information gets stolen. There is not much you can do about this other than to change your password as soon as possible. Such is the case with the Hacked LinkedIn User IDs

This waw a perfect example of how using a good password policy can help prevent loss. One of your personal password policies should be to frequently change your password. This way even if you don’t know about your data being stolen you are lessening the chances of your being hacked. You can also frequently check your email address using websites like the one at the link below.

Our clients and associates can see if their logins have been stolen by using the following links:

At the website link above you can check your email address against thousands of emails that have been stolen. If your email is on the list be sure to change ALL of your passwords.

Other websites that can help you determine if you have been hacked include:


Has My Email Been hacked?

and Sucuri’s Free Website Scanner for Malware

Some Big Name Companies Have Been Hacked

Hacked LinkedIn User IDsIn May 2016, LinkedIn had 164M emails and passwords exposed in the notorious Hacked LinkedIn User IDs case. Originally hacked in 2012, the data was out of sight til it was offered for sale on the dark net 4 years later. The passwords were stored as SHA1 hashes without salt. The largest majority of them were quickly cracked in a few days after their release.

Not only Hacked LinkedIn User IDs

Forbes website succumbed to an attack that leaked over 1 million user accounts. The attack was attributed to the Syrian Electronic Army, allegedly as retribution for a perceived “Hate of Syria”. The attack not only leaked user credentials, but also resulted in the posting of fake news stories to¬†


Even Yahoo Was Hacked

Yahoo and Hacked LinkedIn User IDsYahoo! had their online publishing service “Voices” compromised via a SQL injection attack. The breach resulted in the disclosure of nearly half a million usernames and passwords stored in plain text. The breach showed that of the compromised accounts, a staggering 59% of people who also had accounts in the Sony breached reused their passwords across both services.

These are just a few of the big name websites that have been hacked where users had their personal information stolen.

At BTS Cyber Security we want our customers to be prepared for such disasters and know how to recover from them when they happen. We can help your business develop good security policies to use now and in the future. We specialize in using AI, robotics, automation, machine learning, and a whole host of IoT technology to help keep your information safe.

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