IBM Watson Cyber Security

IBM Watson and Cyber Security

IBM Watson Cyber Security will use Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Technology and Natural Language to help fight Internet Crime.

ibm watson cyber security

Who or what is IBM Watson?

IBM has developed a supercomputer named Watson that can process an astonishing 500GB per second. It stands alone in a massive room at IBM’s headquarters. Most important however is Watson’s ability to analyze human language and interpret what it means. Watson can learn from its failures and successes and then refine its responses. This is similar to how humans learn.

How will Watson help fight Internet crime?

IBM Watson cyber security will provide Internet security on the scale that is nearly unfathomable. Watson will take an immense amount of unstructured data and then use it’s Artificial Intelligence, cognitive technology, natural language skills, and neural networks to reason and learn from that security data. This will enable Watson to rapidly respond to pending cyber security threats on a global scale.

To expand Watson’s comprehension of cyber security issues, IBM will work with a wide range of students and universities in research libraries around the country. They will feed Watson over 200,000 pieces of security events per day. On top of this, they will give Watson a comprehensive database of over 75,000 known software vulnerabilities along with 10,000 research papers published every year.

Add to this over 60,000 security blogs publish each month and it is easy to see why a machine of Watson’s magnitude is needed in the effort to prevent cyber attacks. It would take thousands of humans decades to sort out that much data. IMB Watson cyber security can do it in just minuets.

Get the full details about IBM Watson for cyber security at the IBM website